Although most of you are probably sick to death of hearing the words ‘horror’ and ‘remake’ in the same sentence, your prayers may have been answered with this new and upcoming feature which is sure to knock some life back into horror reboots. Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, collaborators on last year’s horror hit You’re Next and 2012’s V/H/S, are now closing in on a deal to remake Kim Ji-Woon’s violent thriller I Saw the Devil. The original film starring Oldboy’s Choi Min-sik and Lee Byung-hun saw secret agent Soo-hyun on a hunt for revenge after his wife is brutally murdered and chopped into pieces by a deranged killer.


I empathize with all you horror fanatics out there who shriek at the thought of a remake, especially one like I Saw the Devil which is already held in such high regard. However, I believe that Barrett and Wingard are a great duo to take on this film. They have identified their niche market and are continuing to bring new and fresh ideas to the horror genre, and there is no doubt they will approach this project with respect towards the original and with a little bit of sass. For all of you out there who have not heard of these guys, make sure you pick up a copy of You’re Next, a film which turns the classic horror genre on its head and contains lots of gore for all you blood thirsty horror fans.



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