Remtrex – F**k Them | Music Video

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Remtrex – F**k Them | Music Video

Remtrex 21.03.2016ANDREW


Rapper, Remtrex, comes out with his latest track, “F**k Them”. It opens heavy, yet majestic with soaring strings; mixing with the relentless flows and hardcore lyrical content. There appears to be a slight key change for the last verses, before returning it to how it started and fading out.


The video, directed by KnownMediaHD, sees the rapper and his crew outside Edgbaston Police Station in balaclavas. They are showing their defiance against what they feel to be injustice at the hands of the law. Finding himself in court, he uses the defendant’s box as a soap box to detail his grievances with the system, before being taken away after the verdict.




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