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Now here is something that’s worth putting on repeat. A Bouncy, groovy, indie-pop song from Brooklyn based singer Renée Orshan aka RÉN. Produced by Luca Buccellati and assisted by brother Reuben on lead guitar and sister Edan on backing vocals, “Time” is a funky family affair that you cannot resist but listen to over and over. The bouncing beat and super funky guitar riffs flow perfectly with some fantastic vocal harmonizing. The simple production on this song is notable but only goes to make it sound like something straight from a jam session that has gone amazingly well.


You can’t help but get drawn in to the fun atmosphere that surrounds this song, it puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step. The song includes some fantastic changes in tempo and pitch, the introduction and cutting of the beat, leaving bare vocals, are perfectly timed. When the song adds its layers of funky guitar, soft synths and marching beat, it is done to elegant and joyful effect. Sometimes you cannot help but just appreciate a song, and this is one of them. This is the debut single from RÉN and an EP is expected next year, until then, we will have to wait in anticipation of more great releases from this promising young artist.




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