Research Suggests Going To Gigs May Extend Your Life | Music News


Are you planning to buy tickets to a gig anytime soon? You might just be helping yourself in get your life extend!


A recent study by Patrick Fagan from Goldsmith University of London done in collaboration with the major mobile network O2, has concluded that going to gigs can improve your life. The experiment consisted of “psychometric testing and heart rate tests” during different activities (yoga, walking out your dog and going to a concert).


The tests showed that 20 minutes of live music can improve your wellness for a 21%. Attend at a full concert can improve your esteem of yourself for a 25% and the desire to socialize. mIf you go to a concert twice a month you will be able to improve all the things we analysed above and will extend your life up to 9 years.


“Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness and well-being – with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key,” Fagan said.


“Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life,” Fagan said of his study.


While the study found that Brits preferred going to concerts instead of listening to music at home, music in general has been found to increase happiness.



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