Retro-Chic Soul Singer Michaela Fedeczko Releases New Single ‘Who Am I?’

Michaela Fedeczko is a retro-chic soul singer and songwriter who delivers an enormous, booming statement with her new track “Who Am I?”, which is another gem from her upcoming debut album, Blue Embrace that is set to be released on October 22.

“Who am I?” is a journey into the human soul, according to Michaela. It is an inspirational song with a call to action and a questioning tone, with Gospel-inspired vocals lying atop a raw, soulful 90’s beat that builds to a musical crescendo.

Speaking about the making of “Who Am I?”, Michaela says, “Lockdown provided an unexpected halt, shedding focus on a great deal of injustice still present in our world. This song was written as a means for me to absorb and acknowledge how strongly I feel and see the truth of this situation. An artist’s duty is to represent the times as Nina Simone once remarked, and I, too, chose to reflect the times and conditions in which I find myself“.

As for her background, the Bristol singer-songwriter has toured the UK, France, Dubai, and Israel, performing alongside a diverse range of artists, bands, songwriters, and producers. She has also performed as a featured vocalist and top-line writer for the likes of Low:r and Lisa Jane and In It Together Records, in addition to recently debuting her own music at Glastonbury Festival.

Listen to “Who Am I?” here:


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