Rhythmic Pop Entertainer Taija New Releases New Single ‘So Long’

The Rhythmic pop artist Taija New has released a new song titled “So Long”. Her talent for harmony is displayed from the opening vocal section of “So Long”, which is exquisitely constructed.

However, what makes So Long better is her talent as a lyricist. Her audience has connected with the song’s highly personal character, which has generated a tremendous amount of discussion on TikTok. The original song will surely help Taija gain the respect she merits.

The Newbian King, also known as Taija New, is a Rhythmic Pop entertainer who modestly started her musical adventure in open mics in Springfield, Massachusetts, where she honed her live performance abilities.

She launched her first EP, Color Me Complex, in 2015, which featured the well-known song Newbian King, which challenges gender stereotypes and bears her nickname. Since then, she has released two additional works, including the eagerly anticipated Heart on the Stage album in 2017, which was followed by a two-year album-titled tour.

Taija New has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to connect with her audience ever since she first started performing on the Springfield open mic scene. In her latest song, she tells a complicated tale of ambition and betrayal, vividly bringing to life a subject that is all too common.

Taija has been committed to growing as a performer throughout this time, expanding her shows into full live productions that have been seen in North America where she has shared the stage with big names like Jennifer Hudson, Todrick Hall, K. Michelle, and Tiffany Evans.

Despite the difficulties the pandemic provided, she maintained her momentum while in quarantine by releasing her single “Couture”, which was well-liked by both her old and new admirers.

“Body on Revenge”, Taija’s first single from her third solo album, made its premiere in 2022. The single was a cool song that revealed another aspect of her artistic prowess. She is preparing to release her upcoming album, “Unsolicited Material”, following the release of her second song, So Long.

Listen and enjoy the new release “So Long” below!


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