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What is it with mysterious films right now? We had the surprise release of The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix on Super Bowl Sunday, Steven Soderbergh has been busy wrapping up his mysterious iPhone-shot thriller Unsane, and now there’s reports that director Richard Linklater is up to his own secret project.


The Houston Chronicle was able to reveal that Linklater is currently at work on a movie set during the summer of 1969 which is told from a child’s point of view, and in some way, revolves around the moon landing.


The director will himself craft a soundtrack made up of regional hits from around the time, before he addressed the choice of specific time period: “You had so much going on in Houston at once: NASA, the Medical Center, the Astrodome. There was a communal atmosphere. You had all these kids with parents working at NASA for a common goal”.


Everything else is being kept under wraps, which is nothing new for Linklater, who managed to shoot the first few years of his 12-year project Boyhood without anyone knowing before word got out, and he’s also got an adaptation of Where’d You Go Bernadette starring Cate Blanchett completing finished and ready to be released on Friday, October 19.


He reportedly aims to have this film ready for 2019, in time for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Linklater has been on an excellent run of films since 2011’s Bernie despite mostly releasing a film every year. Whatever this 60s film is, it’s bound to be a big deal when it eventually arrives.



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