Richard Madden In Talks to Join Marvel Studios ‘The Eternals’ | Film News

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Richard Madden In Talks to Join Marvel Studios ‘The Eternals’ | Film News


With Avengers: Endgame currently smashing the box office worldwide and becoming the second highest grossing movie of all time, and currently on its way on his way to surpassing Avatar for the number one spot, the question now is how long can the Marvel Cinematic Universe sustain its box office force.


Kevin Feige is already preparing measures to ensure Marvel’s success. The producer has already said that more inclusivity is coming in MCU phase 4. MCU will introduce its first leading Asian superhero (Shang-Chi directed by Daniel Destin Cretton) and its first openly gay superhero (rumoured to be in The Eternals), and Feige may go the classic Hollywood route to rely on movie stars for his next Marvel Studios’ The Eternals.


Richard Madden is the latest addition to the future franchise. Variety reports that the actor is in talks to play superhero Ikaris. He will join Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani in the film. Those three names alone make The Eternals one of the hottest tentpoles in development.


Richard Madden gained popular appeal in Games Of Throne as Robb Stark, the King of North and recently his acclaimed TV series Bodyguard on Netflix, has made him a favourite to land an Emmy nomination this year.


Jack Kirby created The Eternals in 1976; who are a race of ancient human being created a million year ago by cosmic entities are known as Celestials. The movie is similar to The Guardians of Galaxy which was unknown to moviegoers, to begin with, but turned out to be a huge success. We wish the same success for The Eternals.


Marvel has not yet announced a release date for The Eternals, which will directed by The Rider favourite Chloe Zhao. We are expecting an announcement around July, during the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.



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