Richmond R&B Artist Gretchen Unveils New Single ‘Industry’

24-year old Richmond singer and songwriter Gretchen has just released a new single titled “Industry”.

According to Gretchen, the song aims to portray all the highs and lows that creatives experience in the music and entertainment industry. She adds that, “It’s a really tough path to pursue because you just want to be heard and you want to feel as if you’re fulfilling your calling, but there’s so many levels to it. It’s either people don’t take you seriously until you’re popping, or tell you that ‘not developed enough as an artist’. It feels like you’re just ‘not enough’ sometimes“.

Gretchen does put it in perspective though when she tells us, “However, my overall outlook on where I am at in my journey is hopeful and I am super blessed to even be here experiencing these ups and downs“.

The song was written by Gretchen herself and it is full of emotions, which Gretchen is able to reflect on in a raw and honest way. She produced the track with Nashville musician Landon Sears, who helps to make the sound more intentional.

As for its inspiration, the track and its production pays homage to 90s and early 2000s era of music, which Gretchen believes is a time when the music felt more important than the artist’s brand, image and promotion. Although we might disagree with that assertion slightly.

Having said that, the song is very much what we have come to expect from Gretchen – a lovely nostalgic R&B offering with a sprinkle of hip-hop and today’s modern sound.

Listen to “Industry” below:


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