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David Brent


It’s been 12 years since the pompous general manager of the Wernham Hogg Paper Company, David Brent, has been in the spotlight he so desperately craves. Yet Ricky Gervais plans to return to his character from The Office in his new mockumentary Life On The Road.


With Gervais reprising his role as the self-important Brent, Life On The Road will follow his life as a touring musician with Foregone Conclusion after being made redundant 15 years ago. Sporting an eerily accurate Bono look, Brent now works as a urinal lozenge salesman and has cashed in his pension to pay for the services of talented musicians, who come with enormous bills.


Gervais stoked the fire by posting a photo on Twitter of himself as Brent, dressed in a grey suit and tie in an office. However, it is not the office; this would be difficult as the building the series was filmed in was demolished in 2013. Instead this one looks new and sparkly, a far cry from the drab interior of the Slough building, suggesting that the office has been moved.


Noticeably absent is Lucy Davis as Dawn Tinsley, who has apparently cleared out her work space. Whether other series regular Martin Freeman will return is still a mystery, yet it is doubtful when one considers how busy his schedule is at the moment. For fans of The Office wanting to revisit the life of David Brent, Life On The Road will be released on July 16, 2016.




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