Ridley Scott May Direct Disney’s ‘Merlin Saga’ Adaptation | Film News


In regards to Ridley Scott‘s recent quick turnaround on All The Money In The World following the firing of Kevin Spacey, the hiring of Christopher Plummer, the re-shooting of scenes and still being able to get the film out in time for awards consideration, the director said: “I move like lightning”. That quote is apt once again as Scott might quickly be jumping to his next film.


The director is now in talks to team with Disney to direct the adaptation of The Merlin Saga. Based on the books by T.A. Barron, the series charts the origins of the young Merlin, who goes on to become a wise mentor in the classic King Arthur myth.


Oscar-winning Lord Of The Rings writer Philippa Boyens will write the screenplay, and although the deal is not yet finalised, insiders expect this to be Scott’s next movie. That potential deal would mark the end of a hectic year for Scott, who also completed and released Alien: Covenant earlier in 2017.


Incredibly, in addition to his talks with Disney, the filmmaker is also developing a handful of other potential projects including an adaptation of Don Winslow‘s epic crime drama The Cartel, a film revolving around the Battle of Britain, and there’s still a potential Alien sequel floating around.


Should Scott team up with Disney, it would be an odd outlier in his filmography, arguably only comparable to 1985’s dark fantasy, Legend. It seems likely that he signs on, so it’ll be interesting to track the developing of the film and how Scott seeks to adapt the series of books.



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