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Ridley Scott is a consistently busy guy, attached to multiple projects, and he may be about to add another one to his docket. Scott is potentially circling around an adaptation of Lawrence Wright‘s recently published novel, The End Of October.


Scott’s production company, Scott Free, is in the process of putting into motion either a movie or limited series adaptation of Wright’s novel. With Scott Free at the helm, it seems likely Scott himself would be interested in directing the adaptation. No official statements have been made about Scott boarding the film as director, so it’s all just speculation at this point.


Wright’s novel hit shelves Tuesday, and tells the story of an epidemiologist for the World Health Organisation caught in the middle of a rapidly-spreading global pandemic. Sound familiar? The book also charts the rapid breakdown of various structures across the globe with fear taking hold of the masses as quickly as the virus itself.


While the timing of The End of October’s publication is completely coincidental – obviously it would have taken years to write – it’s not hard to see why Scott Free is considering it for adaptation given the state of the world right now.


There will absolutely be films and shows about this current pandemic if and when we escape from it, but maybe Scott Free will get in early with this novel that, while not actually about the coronavirus pandemic, can easily capture a eerily similar feeling.


If Scott does indeed sign on to direct, The End Of October will join multiple other in-development projects he has on his plate. They include The Last Duel with Ben Affleck, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, as well as an untitled prequel to Alien, a Gladiator sequel, and a film titled Queen & Country.



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