Ridley Scott To Introduce New Monster In ‘Prometheus’ Sequel | Film News


Ridley Scott has recently announced that he is mostly likely going to create a new monster for the new upcoming highly anticipated Prometheus sequel, which is set to be released by March next year. Key information on how the monster may look like has not yet been revealed, but what is most certain is that it will most likely have physical features that are closely related to that of the original alien.


The monster will be a slight variation on the traditional villain as seen in the previous Alien films however Ridley Scott is prepared to be more ambitious and help construct a creature that is far more terrifying and disturbing than what has already been established in the franchise thus far. Rumour has it that the new monster may even be unique and will not follow up on the traditional alien conventions but there is no complete guarantee whether the writers will follow up on this particular idea.


The reason why Scott has decided to create this new monster in the first place is because he wants to try and create hype for this new film as well as help generate new content for the Prometheus series. Whether this new monster will have any lasting effect on the audience is difficult to calculate however the main objective for director Ridley Scott is for him to deliver a spectacle to satisfy all audience members taste buds.



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