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Rihanna has finally announced that Fenty Beauty will be available on the British high street at Boots stores. She shared the big news though Instagram, posting a photo of a product in front of a Boots store. “Fenty Beauty is officially taking over the UK,” it said. “I’m so excited, I love Boots and I love my UK fans!”




That’s not the only news Fenty announced. The cult beauty brand is coming with a brunch of new products, including a lip scrub and a lip balm. These are the first products from Fenty that count as skincare, not makeup, since it was previously revealed that they are working on a new trademark called Fenty Skin Care.


The lip balm, called the Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm, is made with shea and mango butters and offers a subtle gloss. The Pro Kiss’r Lip-Loving Scrubstick is – as the name suggests – a scrub in a stick form, made with apricot seeds that gently exfoliate the lips.


The idea is that you use the products to prep your lips and make them plump, smooth, and moisturised so they’re the perfect base for Fenty lip colour, whether you opt for a Stunna lip paint or a matte lipstick.




Fenty Beauty products will be available to buy from Boots on May 10 but customers are also invited to sign up to the retailer’s waiting list to be granted early access to the line on May 9. Don’t miss it! And in the meantime check out below the best of Fenty Beauty.


Fenty Beauty Liquid Lipstick.



Fenty Beauty Highlighters.



Fenty Beauty Foundation.







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