Rising Alt-Pop Artist Noha Saré Shares New Single ‘ALL’

Following her last acclaimed single “Lost”, rising Amsterdam-based alt-pop/RnB artist Noha Saré has just returned with a brand new single titled “ALL” which is delving into her emotions. The also comes with its official music video.

“ALL” is a fusion of magnetic sprightly melodies over Noha’s personal lyrics on love and healing. In the song, we can find an interesting tension that is created by the combination of the wry lyrics with a cheerful sounding melody.

In “ALL”, Noha is talking about being in a toxic relationship but not being able to break free from her lover. Caught in the relationship she decides to challenge her love to bring an end to their relationship because she knows that she can’t do it herself.

In her lyrics, she is using cynicism and ridicule while she tries to maintain her dignity and autonomy. The only thing that she has left is her apparent invulnerability.

The video coming along has been directed by Puck Litaay and was inspired by the hidden absurdity of our lives. The director and Noha chose to transform the lyrics into ironic series of fantasies in which we can see Noha trying to break free from her lover.

The 24-year-old singer has a powerful but still sensitive voice. She takes her inspiration from different music genres. Her music change depending on her moods, she plays with the contradictions in her personality and likes to dive into them to explore them.

She is born in Amsterdam and raised by parents who are also artists. From an early age, she started to perform and make music with her brother, Marius, who is a multi-instrumentalist and composer – and they still collaborate today.

Watch Noha Saré’s video for her third single entitled “ALL” here:

Photo Credit: Kick van Doom


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