Rising LA Based Artist LoveLeo Drops New Single ‘Rosie’ | Music News


After his debut single “Boyfren” quickly went viral on the streaming platforms at the end of last year, LoveLeo did not wait long to release his following track as he is now back with his second single ever titled “Rosie”, which is likely to become another infectious hit.


LoveLeo aka Leo Reilly grew up outside Los Angeles, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, where he put together his impressively successful first release, which he created in his bedroom while his parents were preparing dinner.


If “Boyfren” reflects about the struggles connected with unrequited love and jealousy, “Rosie” is its perfect sequel as this brand new song deals with the reality of dating apps and how they influence the actual relationships, depicting a sincere picture of love and romance in the times of digital media.


Likewise Love Leo’s debut single, “Rosie” is paired with an innovative video the rising artist co-directed, pouring his own style into playful sketches and bright colourful scenes that go perfectly together with this track’s funky beats, catching rhythm and engaging lyrics.


“Rosie” features an infectious chorus that will make you add this song to your playlist straight away, so be careful as you check out the link below to watch LoveLeo’s latest striking visuals.


Watch the video for “Rosie” here:




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