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Your new favourite pop star Paige Cavell has just released her debut EP, Figure It Out. Across three tracks including a single of the same name, she showcases her natural talent as both a strong vocalist and songwriter.


Paige attended the Italia Conte arts school aged five, where she discovered that performing was naturally in her blood. She cites everyone from Madonna, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Beyoncé as major influences.


She recently made her mark as the featured vocalist on ‘Predators & Monsters’, the dark club banger that kicked off a new venture for Paige’s label boss and producer Brian Higgins; the first time he has ever released a track under the Xenomania name.


Her EP is the first release on the independent label, and it was a match made in heaven as Paige’s love of pop perfectly aligned with the cutting-edge production Xenomania is known for.


“I’m not clean-cut bubble gum pop,” says Paige. “I identify with artists like Rihanna and Madonna. Their style and sound are constantly evolving. I love a pop star who doesn’t want to be put in a box. I’ve always been inspired by people who are saying something they truly mean; it’s sort of a twist on being a pop star”.


Lead single “Figure It Out” is a sleek, funk-laced bop which sees Paige losing patience with some no-mark. “It’s playful because it’s almost like ‘I’ve worked this guy out but he’s not getting it’ and I’m sarcastically saying ‘figure it out, come on! This is on you now’. I like it because it’s a bit different and it doesn’t sound like everything going on right now”, she said of the track.


While it was co-written with Xenomania, the team responsible for Girls Aloud’s biggest hits, the other two tracks – “Tug Of War” and “Vibe (Like We Used To)” – are written solely by Paige.


“I write the chorus first and build the song around it”, Paige says of her writing process. “It’s like a puzzle in that way – I know what the picture is on the box, I just have to put all the pieces in the right place”.


“Tug Of War” was inspired by a relationship “where we were constantly trying to one-up each other, like a mental tug of war – it was exhausting” while “Vibe (Like We Used To)” describes a dream break-up scenario where the end of a relationship doesn’t turn sour.


“It’s about saying this isn’t working, but that’s cool, it’s no one’s fault”, Paige explains.


Speaking of the EP, Paige said: “I’m so excited to release my debut EP – I’m super proud of the songs I have written and the work we’ve put in to really find a sound that’s new and different. I hope people love it and most importantly can relate to it”.




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