Rita Ora + Cardi B + Bebe Rexha + Charli XCX – Girls | Music Video


Rita Ora explores her bisexuality with Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX in the new music video for her latest song “Girls”.


“Girls” is a pop track that has many hip-hop influences in the beat. The song is the third official single from Rita Ora’s upcoming album and the sequel to Charli XCX’s single “Boys“. The song is about explores themes of sexual attraction, female empowerment, self-love and bisexuality.


However, Rita Ora has been faced with many problems from the LGBT community because the song, having been accused of being “tone-deaf” and “fueling the male gaze”. Ora has since issued an apology via Twitter.


The song was written by Ora, Klenord Raphael, Ali Tamposi, Jonny Coffer, Jordan Thorpe, Cardi B, Brian Lee, Watt and Benjamin Diehl and produced by Ben Billions, Coffer and Watt.


In the music video, Ora appears with many girls around her sporting her hairstyle and features different scenes of Charli XCX in a forest and in a pool surrounded by couples , Rexha singing in a mirrored room and Cardi B appearing as a hologram amongst futuristic aesthetic.


Watch the music video below:




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