River Nelson Returns With New Album ‘Power, Resilience & Joy’ | Music News

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River Nelson Returns With New Album ‘Power, Resilience & Joy’ | Music News


American hip-hop artist River Nelson is back this summer with his new album titled Power, Resilience & Joy. It is his fourth studio album, following his critically acclaimed LPs The Rise and Fall Of River Nelson from 2010, The Shape Of the Sky from 2013, and 2016’s How To Dream.


Driven by a classic hip-hop sound, Power, Resilience & Joy is characterised by conscious and thought-provoking concepts, delivered with the grace of a veteran storyteller, and centering on the words “Power”, “Resilience” and “Joy” – three things that River tries to maintain in daily living with each song documenting that process. The positive message of the album is an inspiring centrepiece for a current hip hop record.


Speaking about the inspiration for the album, River Nelson says, “In my opinion, there’s work that goes into being joyful, which starts with being thankful for the good things in your life while powering through the challenges. These songs are a personal reminder that I need to maintain that perspective and hopefully they’ll motivate others to do the same if they choose”.


One of the highlights of the album is the up-tempo and optimistic lead single “Today”, a music video for which, has just been released, and you can watch below. According to Nelson and his team, the track is about never giving up on your dreams. Other noteworthy tracks on the record include “Law Of Averages”, “Japanese Proverb”, and “Broken Sky”, among others.


Production on the album comes from K-Murdock of the hip-hop group Panacea, formerly signed to Rawkus Records, and British beat­ maker Giacomo Trivelli of the critically acclaimed UK based hip-hop group Sam Sure & Giacomo, as well as Florida’s Orlando Lorde, Los Angeles’ Mudslide Matt and Oakland’s AltoBeats.


According to Nelson, “There’s no filler on the album and you’ll hear the same attention to detail in each song. Hopefully it’ll inspire people to keep going and to pursue your passions, all while being joyful, powerful and resilient through whatever comes”.





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