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When it comes to weddings and major celebrations, no expenses should be spared. It is one of these days in a person’s life where they should feel and be the best dressed. For women, it is no secret that the wedding dress is the most fashionable item waited and that has to be perfect.


The fashion brand RIXO, led by founders Orlagh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix, have been going strong in the fashion industry. They started this London brand in 2015, and the vintage style inspiration makes the brand very fashionable these past few years.


After coming out with many collections, the two founders, who have been thinking of doing this new type of collection for years, have finally unveiled their bridal collection, with a total of 26 pieces. Regarding the sizes, they go from (UK sizes) 6 to 16, so definitely a big size range. This collection has been inspired by their brand style but also some of the most influential people.


Supermodel Kate Moss and star actress Bianca Jagger are two of the many inspirations for the collection. The capsule collection took two years for the founders to create and elaborate upon. The fabric and the fit took time because the girls wanted perfection for this first-time collection.


This collection has details that remind the brand’s fashion touch, such as polka dots and floral details. Materials like silk, delicate lace, jacquard, were used and all of this makes the dresses really chic and elegant. As well as the color, a creamy color but not too yellow and not too sheer. Even the neck details were thought through.


Another aspect of the collection is the fact that these dresses are, on one hand for your wedding day and on the other hand for a new occasion, they are made to be reused, which is a very interesting new twist to wedding dresses. But if you check out the pictures below, some of them can easily be cocktails dresses.


Many fans and friends from the brand had been asking for this type of collection because at many weddings they could dress the guests with their items but never the bride herself. And timing is even better now that the two founders are both engaged, so with their new range, the two girls will easily find their perfect bridal dresses.


Check out pictures of some of our favourite items from the RIXO bridal collection.




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