Rize Up UK Campaign Hosts Free Gig For Those Registered To Vote | Politics


Rize Up UK is a campaign group that was set up in 2017 to encourage young people, as well as the homeless and the economically deprived, to engage in politics. It strives to ensure that as many people as possible take a moment to register to vote before midnight on November 26, so as to give them the chance to have their say in the elections on December 12.


As well as teaming up with Lush throughout November to raise awareness, Rize Up UK hosted a gig on Sunday, November 24 in central London. The event was freely admissible to all those who could show their voter registration confirmation email. With performances from Lady Leshurr, Rudimental, Jammer, and Vic Santoro, the event saw an afternoon full of dancehall, drum n bass, hip hop, and rap music.


Following the gig, which kicked off at 2pm, live music continued during the after party at The Cause in London from 5pm.


The event helped to stress the issue of low political engagement among young people, as well as other demographics. An astonishing 9.4 million people are eligible to vote, but are not registered. In fact, in both the 2015 and 2017 elections, non-voters outweighed the supporters of every single political party.


Rize Up UK hopes to highlight to people that the “my vote won’t make a difference” mentality is unfounded, and that a visit to the ballot box from the 22 million non-voters really would change everything.



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