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Roach Girl is a US band composed of six members, and as they gear up to release their upcoming debut album Roach World, they have revealed its latest single “Familiar Faces”.


The six-member band hails from New Orleans and Connecticut. They created their debut album over the course of a year, recording at Dirt Floor Studios and in their bedrooms.


They create electronic and acoustic production in an unorthodox way. And we can say that, they are quite unique and original. It’s impossible to put them in a box as they blend so many different styles from contemporary R&B, to indie pop, soul, electronic and rap. It’s a real DIY band.


Always with humour about friendship and death, the narrative structure of their EP is a cross between a young woman’s angry diary entries and a children’s picture book.


Roach Girl is known for their theatrics, call-and-response style, and occasional stand-up routine. They want to bring happiness through comedy and music.


The US band has already featured on Kevin Holliday’s EP Space Cadet, as has been seen on Lyrical Lemonade and Elevator Magazine.


Their latest released “Familiar Faces” is stunning. It deals with growing up and the fact that we can lose some friends along the way. The singer’s voice is groovy, with a withy way of insulting this “I don’t know you. I don’t know you anymore“. They mix her rap with a more indie-pop jazz production. And it perfectly blends together, pleasantly surprisingly.


The band is now working to supplement their upcoming release with a seance music video, a Northeastern tour and a bonus-track EP. Listen to “Familiar Faces” below:




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