Robert Downey Jr. Spills The Beans On Spider-Man Cameo In ‘Captain America: Civil War’ | Film News



The Internet world knows far too well for how long Spider-Man has been ignored by Marvel Studios when making successful movies on a pretty famous superhero team (The Avengers, anyone?). Thousands of memes were created on the topic and, when Sony and Marvel actually reached an agreement on his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans went crazy and new theories on when and in which movie we would see Spider-Man first, popped up every second.


With the Captain America: Civil War release date coming closer and closer, it seemed legitimate for the iconic hero to be a guest on the movie and, although Marvel never confirmed the rumor, Robert Downey Jr. just carelessly did. During an interview on set with Entertainment Weekly, several actors were asked about the Spider-Man deal, and while the others managed to avoid answering or claimed to be clueless, the Iron Man interpreter had this to say:


“[Don] Cheadle and I are just going, ‘Wow, dude, look at this. We’re now like the old guard, and our storyline carries real weight just because of our history in the [canon]’. But we’re also looking around like, ‘Who thought that Falcon and Black Panther and Ant-Man and now Spider-Man…?’ I mean it’s like wow, this thing is just crazy'”.


Can we now agree that we will see some ‘spider-sense’ in the next Captain Americaplot or was he just messing with us? To know, we have to wait May 6, 2016, when the movie will be released in the cinemas.



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