Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Heavy Metal’ Remake May Head To TV | TV News

Robert Rodriguez may develop ‘Heavy Metal’ into a TV show


Sin City creator Robert Rodriguez may now be developing the 1981 Canadian animation film Heavy Metal into a TV show. Rodriguez first mentioned the animation three years ago at a Comi-Con event. The animation will feature various fantasy and science fiction stories based on Heavy Metal Magazine, which the 1981 film was also based on.


The film will contain a lot of adult-content and will be aimed at an older audience as opposed to a child-friendly series. Rodriguez originally wanted to make Heavy Metal into a film but is thinking of debuting Heavy Metal as a TV series on his self-owned TV channel El-Ray. The style of animation for the show will vary from classic hand-drawn sketches to digital and mixed media. Rodriguez’s latest project Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will be released in UK cinemas on August 29, 2014.



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