Robert Schwentke To Direct Psychological Thriller ‘Behind Closed Doors’ | Film News


Director Robert Schwentke has signed on to helm an adaptation of B.A. Paris‘ British psychological thriller novel Behind Closed Doors. Stone Village will produce. The project will reportedly be written while Schwentke is off directing the G.I. Joe spinoff, Snake Eyes.


Melissa London Hilfers penned the original draft, but Schwentke will reportedly rewrite according to Deadline, which seems to contradict the above statement regarding the film being written while Schwentke is off directing something else. Perhaps all will become clear soon.


The Behind Closed Doors novel revolves around Jack and Grace, a seemingly perfect couple. The former is an accomplished lawyer, while the latter is a flawless homemaker, gardener and cook who dotes on her disabled younger sister. However, dark truths in an abusive relationships soon reveal themselves. The novel has sold over 2 million copies.


Schwentke has been a bit of a journeyman around Hollywood, directing films such as The Time Traveller’s Wife, RED, and Divergent. He’s yet to truly stamp his own vision on any of these projects, but perhaps Behind Closed Doors is the opening he needs.


Most of his films have been franchises or populist fare. While this is still an adaptation of a popular novel, maybe the darker themes allow him to spread his wings a little and make something a little more out of the box.


Stone Village have the HBO Max limited series Station Eleven up next. It’s a post-apocalyptic drama starring Mackenzie Davis and Himesh Patel.



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