Robyn Surprises Fans And Previews New Single ‘Missing U’ At Robyn-Themed Party | Music News


After almost ten years since the release of her last album Body Talk, Robyn will finally grace us with new music this Wednesday, August 1.


The singer announced on her Twitter page that this week she will release a new song “Missing U“, off her untitled forthcoming album, out sometime this year.


To celebrate the occasion, Robyn has unveiled a short film that documented her surprise appearance at the Robyn-themed dance party, a monthly tribute to the Swedish singer organized in Brooklyn by three friends who share the love for the Swedish singer.


The short film, that started in the veins of a Black Mirror episode, with a storm of people doing cardio to the rhythm of “Love Kills“, unraveled a sweet cameo from Robyn, who surprised her fans with an improvised show and a preview of her next single.


In the long clip, interviews of the singer are intertwined with footage from the day-long party, in what is a revealing insight into the fans’ connection with Robyn’s music and their undying love for the singer.


Voicemails from fans were featured in the film, where people gathered up to profess their love for the singer. Some of them were even more personal, stating that Robyn’s songs have helped them get through a bad break-up or even coming out of the closet.


The touching tribute ended up with Robyn showing up at the event among a horde of adoring fans screaming and chanting her name.


Watch the short film here:




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