Rock Band Animal Waves Release ‘Love Is Cold’ Single | Music News


Animal Waves was born when longtime friends Robert Davis and Nathaniel Cox started a creative collaboration.


Robert comes from Carbondale, Illinois, a university city where he had blues and rock&roll music in his ears from an early age when his parents were regularly bringing him to the shows his home town had to offer.


He held his first guitar at 11 and never stopped since then. Robert first formed a group with some friends which quickly grabbed big attention: they signed to Sony, moved to LA and went touring before their creative differences set them apart.


When he felt the need to have his own words and notes heard, Robert moved to a cabin outside LA and teamed up with his longtime friend and songwriter Nathaniel Cox. Together they crafted some great rock tunes that Robert recorded into his first EP. When he felt the urgency to perform those tracks live, he called on old friends and trustful players that now form the Animal Waves.


Love Is Cold” is a potent rock track about someone’s love who goes cold, without anything left to be done to heat it up again and it was recorded at the legendary Steak House space in Los Angeles.


Their new EP VOID is set to be released on January 31, with their first full-length album out in the Spring.


Listen to “Love Is Cold” here:




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