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The current Covid-19 emergency had most of the live events cancelled all over the world, but it did not stop Quitting Whitney to release their new single “Something New”, together with a catchy music video.


Quitting Whitney is an alternative rock duo based in Los Angeles comprised of studio engineer and songwriter Matt Rucker and drummer Ryan Linderman. Their music blends elements of electro-pop, hip-hop and indie, as the duo is mainly influenced by bands such as Lewis del Mar, MGMT and Black Keys.


The LA based duo had started touring in early March, but they had to cancel the latter half of their tour due to the Coronavirus outbreak. While they were self-quarantined in Albuquerque, New Mexico, they decided to shoot the music video from their latest single “Something New”, turning their Airbnb into a mobile recording studio.


Featuring driving rhythm, powerful drums, rich vocals and thoughtful lyrics reflecting on the US’ inaction related to the global warming crisis, “Something New” is set to grab your attention straight away, as it shares an exciting and infectious sound.


Talking about their new release, the duo said that they wrote the song a few months before the beginning of the crisis, but the video they realized during the quarantine really captures the essence of the song.


We were all desperate to salvage whatever we could from a cancelled tour” they stated, adding that “the desperation, anxiety, and fear that the song already focuses on was very naturally captured in the video”. Do not miss the chance to watch their engaging visuals now!


Watch the video here:




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