Oakland underground rock and roll band Whiskerman recently released their new single “Belly Of The Beast” on January 21. The band consists of Graham Patzner on vocals, guitar, violin and piano, Will Lawrence on bass, Charles Lloyd on guitar and sitar, Dan Schwartz on drums, and Jeremy Lyon on guitar.


During the past 7 years, the band has forged this underground reputation through their vibrant stage show and sharp lyricism. They are often called by the psychedelic scenes and festivals in the Bay Area. The group and especially the singer Graham Patzner make this psychic and glamorous rock and roll sound more like a real experience than just traditional rock music.


After their last albums described as “an ecstatic psychedelia, a solidly constructed pop-rock, a fashionable folk, all rolled into one” by Flood Magazine, the Oakland-based band are about to release their fourth studio album, Kingdom Illusion, which will lead their psychedelia rock and roll toward a louder sound.


If you want to see them live, they’re going to tour the US in 2020! Here are their next 3 dates: February 8th at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, March 7th at The Grove House in Mariposa and March 18 at The Satellite in LA.


Listen to “Belly Of The Beast” here:




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