Rock Hudson Biopic ‘All That Heaven Allows’ Moves Ahead At Universal | Film News


Universal Pictures is moving ahead with the Rock Hudson biopic, All That Heaven Allows. The film is named after one of his most famous roles in Douglas Sirk‘s 1955 drama of the same name. The studio is in talks with Richard LaGravenese to write the screenplay; he’s previously penned films such as The Fisher King and Freedom Writers.


Last year, the studio bought the rights to Mark Griffin‘s book, All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson. Greg Berlanti (Love, Simon) is attached to direct the film.


Hudson was one of the leading movie stars of the 1950s and 60s, mostly known for his melodramas and proto-romantic comedies. He received an Oscar nomination for his role alongside James Dean in Giant, before successfully transitioning to television in the 70s. He remained discreet about his sexual orientation throughout his life, and sadly died of AIDS complications in 1985.


Berlanti is a prolific TV producer – with credits on shows ranging from Dawson’s Creek to Riverdale – and last year directed the romantic comedy Love, Simon, the first major Hollywood film to depict a gay teenage romance. He should be a great fit for this project, which is long overdue. Despite Hudson’s major popularity during his prime, there are likely younger generations that aren’t really aware of him.


There aren’t any other concrete details right now. The lead role will be sought after, as is any opportunity to play a Hollywood legend. With Universal now officially moving ahead with the project, expect some quicker movement on those decisions now.



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