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Roger Harvey – Two Coyotes | New Music


Roger Harvey has just released his new single titled “Two Coyotes”, from his upcoming album with the same title, today via Chunksaah Records. The album titled Two Coyotes has been recorded at Ronnie’s Place on Music Row in Nashville.


The new track from the Philadelphia singer-songwriter is a very spiritual country-folk song. The lyrics are very important and deep. The song has a rich variety of interesting instruments, the electric guitar plays a very important role in the arrangement. The result is a conversation between the warm acoustic nature of country and the deliberate twang and richness of rock and roll.


Speaking about the single, Roger Harvey said: “its core is a song about separation. In specifically, the heartbreaking reality of the Mexico-United States Border. Often overlooked is how the many with less are at the constant mercy of the few with more. This song is a love song and reaction to that, like many that came before it”.


Listen to “Two Coyotes” below:





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