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Alongside a sneak peak of the Star Wars: Rogue One‘s costume and prop designs presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, LEGO has also announced a series of new models intended to expand the franchises toy universe. Among them was a dedicated set for the upcoming sci-fi spin-off, and featured an image that has riled curiosity among fans.



Perhaps intentionally, perhaps not, but according to fans the company has just possibly teased a role for space bounty hunter Boba Fett in the film. Seen through the image that is meant to represent Rogue I, many recognize it as a similar model to the one used by the iconic villain. Though some may consider this to be a similar looking ship, one might remember that the Millennium Falcon was a one of a kind.


This is also further supported by the idea that the ship was passed on to Boba following the death of his father Jango in Episode II, and has sparked rumours regarding the paternal heritage of Felicity Jones‘s character.




In any case this is quite an interesting development, especially with the idea that Boba Fett’s initial role to the original films could be surmised through a number of cliche lines. If this was made into a family affair, then it would most certainly carry on the legacy of Star Wars.



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