‘Room’ A Brutal Emotional Journey Set For Oscar Glory | Film Review

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‘Room’ A Brutal Emotional Journey Set For Oscar Glory | Film Review



This is a gut wrenching film that is difficult to discuss. Just by saying the film is spilt into two distinct halves is almost a spoiler, but the setting of the two halves is actually revealed in the trailer.


Room is an abhorrent story that challenges it’s characters to find hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. Ma (Brie Larson) and her 5 year old son Jack (Jacob Tremblay) live in a ten-square-foot room that is all Jack has ever known. Ma has been captive in this room for 7 years after being kidnapped then raped countless times. Ma creates a world to protect Jack from the harsh reality making ‘room‘ magical. Adapted from a Booker Prize nominated novel the film emulsifies the horror of reality and the magical escape as one.


The film is about a bond between mother and son and how they provide strength to each other in harrowing circumstances. This is not a film you will be in a rush to watch again as it takes drags you through a dark journey with only the occasional glimmer of light.


The film is masterfully made by director Lenny Abrahamson who presents it from a child’s perspective. Being a parent makes this film emotionally exhausting for a number of reason and so many scenes produced more than misty eyes. The supporting cast in the second half also amplify the emotional consequences in understated authentic performances.


Tremblay’s performance produces the best child performance ever put to screen, capturing the innocence and frustration of his turmoils. Brie Larson will win the Oscar and she deserves it as much as Leonardo DiCaprio. Her portrayal is so raw and the pain she conveys so believable it becomes almost unwatchable.


Some people may find the emotional wringer too much with not enough light at the end of the tunnel, but this is one of those rare films I would struggle to appreciate anyone telling me it is not a good film.


Room takes it audience on a brutal emotional journey that no other film has ever dared to.



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