Rooney Mara In Talks For Mary Magdalene Biopic | Film News

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Rooney Mara In Talks For Mary Magdalene Biopic | Film News


A couple of weeks ago we heard the news that a biopic of Mary Magdalene was in the works. Now there is news that the project has found their leading lady in Rooney Mara. Although it is no the first time that the controversial biblical figure has appeared on the big screen, it is the first time that a major Hollywood film has focused on her.


Rooney Mara has impressed with performances as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the American one) and more recently as Therese in Carol. Director Gareth Davis believes that:


Rooney’s raw, brave approach to performances, coupled with her deeply magnetic inner life, holds all the dimensions needed to bring to life one of history’s most misunderstood woman – Mary Magdalene. Having worked with Rooney on Lion, I know she is a once in a lifetime talent.


A thumbs up from the director will go a long way in the selection process.


It is not known how the writers, Helen Edmundson and Philippa Goslett, will approach the polarising figure, who is believed to be a repentant prostitute by some and the wife of Jesus by others. This argument alone makes her perhaps the most important individual besides Jesus to appear in the Gospels and it is about time that a film was made about her.


Producing the film are the duo behind The King’s Speech, Iain Canning and Emile Sherman; so we can probably expect this film to be prettier than Scorsese‘s The Last Temptation of Christ. There is currently no release date for the production.



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