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Rosedale Releases New Self Titled Album | Music News



Toronto pop-rock/alternative act Rosedale is the solo-project moniker of Mike Liorti. The new self titled album is available to download and you can stream it via Bandcamp here. Rosedale Combines influences from alternative, pop-rock and punk, and his sounds “is awash with catchy hooks underpinned by Liorti’s deft vocals, intuitive song-writing and palpable honesty”.


Liorti has always been inspired by music for as long as he can remember, from memorizing Weird Al lyrics word-for-word to learning the piano from a young age. Then, at the age of 12, Liorti got his first guitar and began listening to a slew of pop punk records from Pennybridge Pioneers to Enema of The State and the ever-recognized Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater Soundtrack which inspired his now up and coming project Rosedale.


You can find the link to the hard copy of the new album here.



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