Rotterdam Rapper Triomphe Launches New Single ‘Everywhere I Go’ | Music News


Rotterdam rapper Triomphe has released his brand-new track “Everywhere I Go”, along with a music video just in time for Valentine’s Day over the weekend.


Indeed, the 90’s raised artist developed an unstirred interest in understanding his world-citizenship from an early age. Inspired by his upbringing in defiant environments, he narrates the reflections of his day-to-day reality through his music. Although his artistry is mainly categorised as hip-hop, rap and R&B, we can also expect some raw rock influences and fusion-driven sounds.


Triomphe characterises his sound as a blend of bass-heavy beats, wavy breaks and guitar riffs, coated with electronic pop elements. His vocals reveal passages from life, accompanied by different soundscapes, assembled to create a dialogue with his listeners. As he plays several instruments, this combo result in unique energy that he is the only one to know the secret.


Through his new single “Everywhere I Go”. we can notice the homage made for a better new day which is coming. Dealing with his new song, the singer said: “As we sail the course and follow our destined coordinates, we gain experience in life. In our best effort to put that experience into practice, we sometimes encounter ourselves. Bridges burn, you live and learn, to rise with growth and let tables turn”.


He has many plans on the row for the year and won’t stop there for sure!


Watch the video for “Everywhere I Go” below:




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