Rotterdam Singer Noa Jae Releases New Track ‘Vibe With Me’ Featuring Othy | Music News


Vibe With Me” is the brand new R&B single from Noa Jae and Othy. Both belong to the newly founded music group Goldfished.


Goldfished was brought to life in 2019, they’ve put together a group of talented artists, vocalists and producers who started to collaborate on collective projects. Now they’ve released a brand new project titled Goldfished Tape Vol. 1! The EP consists of seven tracks made by five vocalists and four producers from the Netherlands.


One of them is the retro soul and contemporary R&B song “Vibe With Me” produced by Noa Jae and Othy. Noa is a singer-songwriter based in Rotterdam, who started her career as a DJ. In 2019, she released her debut single “Asked For It” after a long journey of finding her own sound and understanding the process of music productions.


Noa blurs a soulful sound with classic R&B vibes and elements from a wide variety of genres. Furthermore she stands out with her gentle, deep voice and brings up personal stories into her productions. Noa is known for combining heavy topics with uplifting music.


I hope people can find strength, honesty and inspiration and are able to reflect their own experience through my music as well. It’s the freedom to share your thoughts, emotions, dreams and experiences in a poetic and connecting way“, she points out.


Alongside Othy, Noa created a soothing tune that reminds of Alicia Keys’s music. She delivers a compelling vocal line and brings a relaxed mood across where you just can vibe with her. Listen to “Vibe With Me” now.




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