Rowan Atkinson Returns For Third ‘Johnny English’ Outing | Film News


Rowan Atkinson is set to return as Johnny English for a third film. Eight years after the bumbling spy’s last outing, Johnny English Reborn, pre-production is reportedly beginning on a third film in the franchise which would arrive in October 2018.


While not as popular as Atkinson’s most famous role, Mr Bean, both previous films hauled in over $160 million worldwide despite less-than-positive reviews.


He has previously remarked that the character is “enjoyable” to play, and “he’s fun and rather human”. The character actually originated from a similar creation, MI5 Agent Richard Latham, who appeared in a series of adverts in the 1990s alongside his hapless sidekick Bough. Many of the gags were reused in the 2003 film once the roles had been recast and the characters tweaked a little.


While the series is hardly the most sought-after, acclaimed franchise in the movie world, money talks. Make even a little of it and there’s a solid enough chance that multiple films within a series will be commissioned. October 2018’s box office returns will tell us whether audiences have grown tired of the mistake-prone secret agent.



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