Royal Blood – Out Of The Black | Music Video


British grunge band Royal Blood have unveiled the new music video for the single “Out Of The Black” from their self titled album, released in August 2014. The video features a comic-book-esque alien invasion on a gas station. This bizarre yet marvellous video was directed by David Wilson, who has previously worked with the likes of Arcade Fire and Arctic Monkeys, and Christy Karacas.


According to Karacs, “the staging of the action was really important to me as I wanted to create a dynamic space filled with fast paced kinetic energy and movement that matched that of the song. I animated much of the action ‘straight ahead’ and let the music dictate the movements and ideas in a stream of consciousness way as opposed to pre-planning everything from the start. The unrelenting rhythm of the bass and drums of this song had everything to do with the animation that seemed to just flow out of my fingertips“. Watch the video for “Out Of The Black” below.




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