Ruby Rose Leaves Twitter Amid ‘Batwoman’ Casting Backlash | TV News


It certainly was an eventful week for Ruby Rose. The DJ turned actress has been chosen to bring to life the coveted role of Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, in the new superhero series courtesy of The CW.


The new series will be based off the 2006 comic series. Pinpointed as the first lesbian high profile superhero, Batwoman “is presented as having porcelain white skin, several tattoos, and a clothing style defined as punk-psychobilly-goth in her civilian persona“.


It’s clear, then, the root that The CW has taken regarding presenting diversity on screen. With super producer Greg Berlanti on board, the show will surely expand the DC comics universe created by the network.


As the build up for the new series was sparkling, rumors about who would have eventually played the sought-after role, the announcement that actress Ruby Rose was set to play Batwoman put the internet into a frenzy. Despite the positive reactions from fans of the actress, other people were not happy with the casting, leading the actress to step down from Twitter.


Stating that “I just wish women and the LGBT community supported each other more” and that regardless she is “Sending everyone my love and gratitude, it’s been a rollercoaster of a year, this month especially” Ruby will have a rocky road ahead.


But giving that every major role connected to the DC world has always come with a dose of backlash and criticism, this latest news does not come as a surprise. Once the series will start filming and we will be able to see Rose in the trademark Batwoman suit, I’m sure people will get on board.



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