Rufus Du Sol – Modest Life (Hermitude Remix) | New Music


We all know that distinctive Flume flavour. Mix it with Hermitude’s unique blend of bouncing beats and you get flumitude head banger. Now imagine a little bit of Rufus Du Sol’s seamless indie-electronic tones thrown in and our minds would actually explode. Don’t worry it hasn’t happened YET but Hermitude have graced our ears with a new remix of Rufus Du Sol’s “Modest Life”. In fact this comes in just before Hermitude set off to support Rufus on their North American tour this October.


Hermitude are well known for creating killer remixes and “Modest Life” is no exception. The track is glitchy with deep wobbly bass and almost rewinded like slurs. It wouldn’t be a Hermitude remix without their signature little high-pitched synth licks and samples which are scattered throughout. It’s very time orientated in the way they’ve produced it, as there are lots of pauses, delays, rewinds and samples that sound like timers being turned. Have a listen below and make up your own mind. Maybe put a Flume tune on at the same time and see what happens…




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