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I have a new band that that I recommend you check out if you’re into music with a Folk, Indie and melodic Pop sort of sound. Hailing from The Glens of Altrim in Northern Ireland, Runabay are a six piece band that started up barely six months ago, and have already established quite a following with large audiences forming at gigs and over 860 likes on their Facebook page, which surely shows signs of a band with real potential.


Runabay create music that is original, honest and raw, they do not mess around with fancy over produced music and loads of editing, they keep the music how it should be with a real sense of genuine musicality and cultivated lyrical harmonies, with the stunning work of three mellow vocalist, a haunting cello and intricate guitar riffs that will keep the listener captivated on every word.


The fresh new music from Runabay is with out a doubt inspired by the beautiful coast line that surrounds their home in the Glens of Altrim and this can be felt throughout their music, with their heartfelt and touching lyrics and the foraying melodies that echo through. I can’t wait to hear what is next from this 6 piece potential, take a listen to the band’s debut single “Sequences” below.




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