Rush – Tom Sawyer (Megamix) | Music Video

Rush 20.02.2016ANDREW


Classic progressive rockers Rush celebrate 35 years of “Tom Sawyer” with a new video megamix, which comprises 12 years worth of live performances from 2003 to 2015. This is all in celebration of the band’s 1981 album Moving Pictures, which featured said “Tom Sawyer” and many more. In commemoration of the song’s, and album’s, thirty-fifth anniversary, they have released this video taken from at least six or seven different shows.


For those not familiar with the band in general, the song is an expansive five minutes. It seems to veer from relative happiness to despair, and does so seamlessly in wonderful, grandiose rock and roll fashion. Twin keyboard and guitar melodies and crazy drum time signatures, the song has it all. The keyboards are played and the vocals are sung by one of the best bassists in the genre, to boot. Regarding the video, the introduction features a cameo appearance from the South Park boys, via a projector curtain that later pulls up to reveal the band, counting in the song proper as Lil’ Rush.




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