Russian DJ Zedd Launches Ambitious Visual Music Project Through NFTs | Music News


NFTs are all the rage at the moment, with content creators, artists, musicians and literally anyone and everyone in the entertainment business flocking to this new fad, which is based on blockchain networks and therefore reminiscent of the craze around cryptocurrencies which has only now begun to cool down a little.


NFTs are essentially unique slots of data on a blockchain network, which certifies that a particular digital asset is unique and therefore not transferable. This is the meaning behind non-fungible, that these tokens are not interchangeable and each one represents ownership of a unique asset.


NFTs are being used to sell everything from digital art to music to in-game items, and there has been a long list of celebrities who have launched their own NFTs in the last few weeks and months. The latest to join this bandwagon is the Russian DJ Zedd, who is launching a very ambitious visual music project through this new innovation.


The goal of this project is supposedly to create “the best NFT there is“. The song is called “Diorama“, and it has immersive visuals that guide the user through a world of multiple rooms and environments, as the song plays in the background.


The melody changes and morphs with the environment as it mimics the tone and setting of each scene, with the journey ending in a huge landscape where there are islands suspended in the sky. Each room in this visual represents a different environment, and so this creates quite a visual spectacle to go with Zedd’s excellent music.


It was interesting to note that Zedd initially created the song with one sound, but on watching the visuals created by his collaborator Gabe, he changed it up so that the emotions and moods can match the visuals as they change with every room.


It is only in the end of the video that you actually enter one of the rooms, the aforementioned landscape with floating islands, and Zedd creates an orchestral piece to match this theme as well.


The other project as part of this NFT is being called “Discreet”, which apparently has the same ‘pink sky/sun set’ theme as “Diorama” in terms of its visuals, but is supposed to be the opposite in terms of its music.


Thus, it is a lot more meditative, and where “Diorama” was constantly changing, “Discreet” is a lot more calm and has a more spiritual vibe to it. Both of these are part of Antipode, the overall name of the project. Diorama was sold for over $121,000 upon close of the auction, once again showing the potential of NFTs to generate huge returns for content creators.


Having seen how much “Diorama” was sold for, it will be interesting to keep track of further NFT drops as part of this project and how much they are auctioned for. We can probably expect some high prices here as well, and this will provide even more evidence that the NFT boom is still thriving, and there is still a lot of potential for artists to generate buzz and also earn some big money through this innovation.




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