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With her debut EP expected for later this year, Australian singer and songwriter Rya Park has recently released her latest powerful track “Bad Name”, produced by Ed Quinn and Peter Farnan, with Toby Dundas on drums and mix.


Rya Park has a rich geographical background, as she was born in London, spent her childhood in Singapore and performed around Melbourne clubs and pubs as a teenager, developing her music career that kickstarted when she released her first work in 2016.


Bad Name” is a captivating track reflecting about a toxic relationship come to an end and how it contributed to an eating disorder. The intense lines “You owe me money and my mental state/you owe me time that I put to waste/You took the food off my broken plate” do not need any further explanation on how dangerous and unhealthy a relationship can become.


Nevertheless, “Bad Name” is ultimately a song about recovering, breaking free and having your life in your own hands again. This achieved freedom is well shown in the music video that Rya Park’s has released together with her new single, as the visuals end with a young woman walking alone down the street.


Rya Park has already been praised by critics and her latest single has got the powerful beats, the catching rhythm and the inspiring lyrics to be a new acclaimed release. The music video for “Bad Name” is only one click away so check it out and get ready to have the recurring lines “I’m in a bad way/You’ve got a bad name” stuck into your mind.


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