Ryan Gosling To Star In New Noir Thriller ‘The Actor’ | Film News


Ryan Gosling is to star in director Duke Johnson‘s upcoming film The Actor, a noir thriller that has been acquired by distributor Neon, the distributor behind the film Parasite.


The Canadian actor will play the character of Paul Cole, a man who suddenly finds himself in 1950s Ohio following a brutal stroke. Having lost his memory, Paul struggles to find his way back to New York and reclaim all that he has lost.


According to Neon, “The Actor follows a thrilling journey we must all make, to find home, to find love and ultimately to find ourselves”.


The synopsis is based on Donald E. Westlake‘s 2010 dark romantic novel Memory. The tone of this film is in the same spirit as Drive, in which we discovered a mysterious and tormented Ryan Gosling.


The film is co-written and directed by Duke Johnson and Stephen Cooney, and Gosling will produce the film alongside Ken Kao of Waypoint Entertainment.


The Actor is the latest film that Neon has acquired at an early stage of development. This was previously the case with Bong-Joon-ho‘s Parasite, which won 4 Oscars, as well as more recently the film Spencer, a biopic about Princess Diana played by Kristen Stewart, which is still in production.


We have no idea yet when The Actor will be shot or when it will be released.



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