Ryan Murphy Reflects On ‘Scream Queens’ Racist Label | TV News



If only one good thing comes out of the (quite frankly) unforgivable snub of ethnically-diverse talent at this year’s Oscars, it’s that a new dialogue about racism has now been opened up. Audiences are casting a fresh eye over their favourite shows, scrutinising the content to see if it’s culturally acceptable. One series that has sparked debate is Ryan Murphy‘s Scream Queens, which features a group of privileged sorority girls terrorised by a gang of serial killers.


Murphy has received accusations that Scream Queens is racist, due to line spoken in its very first episode. When making an observation about her housekeeper, protagonist Chanel (Emma Roberts) remarks “I call her white mammy, because she’s essentially a house slave.”


Murphy has since acknowledged the criticism as “valid and interested” but has implied that it’s the characters that are racist, rather than the show itself.



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