Ryan Reynolds & John Krasinski Teaming Up For Fantasy Comedy ‘Imaginary Friends’ | Film News

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Ryan Reynolds & John Krasinski Teaming Up For Fantasy Comedy ‘Imaginary Friends’ | Film News


Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski are reportedly collaborating on a fantasy comedy titled Imaginary Friends. Krasinski will write, direct, produce and star in the project alongside Reynolds. It will revolve around a man who can see the imaginary friends of other people, and is tasked to recover discarded friends and prevent them from turning evil and threatening the world with their supernatural powers.


Reynolds and Krasinski have become hot tickets over the past five years. The former’s Deadpool broken all records for R-Rated movies and finally gave Reynolds the sort of hit studios kept expecting from him, while Krasinski has easily transitioned from his famous role on The Office thanks to the success of A Quiet Place. He just wrapped filming on the sequel, too.


Considering their involvement, Imaginary Friends was the subject of a heated bidding war. Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate and other major studios were all seriously interested in the film, but Paramount – already having a relationship with Krasinski thanks to A Quiet Place – ultimately made the highest bid.


Reynolds will play the lead, while Krasinski’s role is currently unknown. Considering is other duties on the project, expect it to be a smaller supporting role. A Quiet Place 2 hits cinemas May 6, 2020, but before that, Reynolds’ Michael Bay movie 6 Underground arrives on Netflix Friday, December 13.



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