S/\GE And Indigoochild Collaborate For New Single ‘Rich In Peace’

Artist, videographer and musician S/\GE has teamed up with the artist Indigoochild to release the first single of his upcoming album, Hyper Duality, and it is entitled “Rich In peace”.

On this single, the two artists chose to combine both of their spiritual nature and to mix this with an upbeat summer vibe. We can see this with the way the beat switches up between the different verses and the chorus.

They have chosen to musically tune “Rich In Peace” to 432hz because it is known as a more harmonious tone than the usual – most music being tuned to 440hz. The outstanding line “I’m on a different key,” which is present in the hook, is something true for the production but it also stands as a statement of the artists’ commitment to living in a state of peace.

Hyper Duality, set to be released this summer, will feature S/\GE verses driven by his punchlines and wordplay.

With their single, S/\GE and Indigoochild, released an official music video where both artists have illustrated how their peace remains regardless of setting or circumstances.

S/\GE wants to use music to express musings and echo the heart on his sleeve. He spent his day as a Coach at a Mayfair gym and then his nights producing beats, creating psychedelic art and editing videos. The spectrum of activities behind S/\GE is his inspiration that we can hear in his gritty but thoughtful sound.

Indigoochild is a Southwest London-based artist who took as a mission to infuse his spirituality into youth culture but still remembering from where he is – the streets. Trying to connect with more people his music is becoming less Buddhist-based and bring that south swagger.

Watch the video of S/\GE collaboration with Indigoochild for “Rich In Peace” here:


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