Safdie Brothers & Nathan Fielder Teaming Up For Showtime Pilot ‘The Curse’ | TV News


The Safdie brothers – the filmmakers behind movies such as Uncut Gems and Good Time – are reportedly teaming up with Nathan Fielder (Nathan For You) for a Showtime pilot titled The Curse.


The Curse will star Fielder as a husband at the centre of a show-within-the-show titled Flipanthropy, an HGTV-styled reality show revolving around a married couple helping homeowners flip their houses.


But when one property seems to deliver a curse to the couple, their marriage is put to the test. Benny Safdie will play the producer of Flipanthropy, and he, Josh Safdie, and Fielder will executive produce the pilot.


Ostensibly, the pairing of Fielder and the Safdies seems like an odd one. But it makes some sense. In different ways, both Nathan For You and the brother’s films are about making their audience anxious. Fielder with his cringe-inducing reality show, and the Safdies with their non-stop adrenaline rushes following mistake-prone protagonists. This might secretly be a perfect match.


Fielder has delved into filmmaking himself, having directed some of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s own Showtime series, Who Is America?, earning himself an Emmy nomination.


It will be fascinating to see what he and the Safdies will come up with on a show that sounds like a mix of Nathan For You and one of the brother’s earlier films, Daddy Longlegs.


We’ll wait to hear more about this pilot, and whether this collaboration will cause the world to implode from so much anxiety and hand-wringing.



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